Artist Cinemas presents
Here is where we are Week #3:
Pia Östlund, Paradise Field (Flowers and), 2020
4:35 minutes

Paradise Field is a series of collage sketches and a recorded short text conceived during lockdown when I took daily walks around a 1970s housing estate in East London. 150 years earlier this had been the site of Europe’s largest nursery and importer of rare exotic plants. The same area is also the location of no. 5 and no. 7 Darnley Road, where Laure and I (and several other friends) used to live around 2007. 

The wonders of the plants which once grew there and the love shared amongst friends (in the same place but later in time) fused into an idea of Paradise, which was amplified by the strange stillness of those spring months of 2020.

—Pia Östlund

Here is where we are is put together by Laure Prouvost as part of the e-flux Video & Film series Artist Cinemas. The online screening of Pia Östlund's Paradise Field (Flowers and) was the third installment and features a conversation between Östlund and Laure Prouvost.