The ‘Tree of Life’ is present in many cultures and traditions and understood in a multitude of forms from the genealogical to evolutionary and from cultural and political hierarchies to growth forms. Phytopia presents a number of works exhibited for the first time, with sculptural pieces by Derek Jarman and Paul de Monchaux and works by Rasheed Araeen alongside nineteenth century Nature Prints and works from the Glynn Vivian collection.

Participating artists: Rasheed Araeen, Alois Auer, Karl Blossfeldt, Henry Bradbury, Edward Chell, Peter Fillingham, Ori Gersht, Joy Girvin, Fay Godwin, David Heinrich Hoppe, Derek Jarman, Neeta Madahar & Melanie Rose, Paul de Monchaux, Rosa Nguyen, Pia Östlund, Alicia Paz, Siân Pile, Marc Quinn, Hilary Rosen Suzanne Treister and Yu-Chen Wang

E. Chell and T. Jeffreys (2019) Phytopia
Swansea: Glynn Vivian Art Gallery.
ISBN: 978-0-903189-87-3