The ‘Tree of Life’ is present in many cultures and traditions and understood in a multitude of forms from the genealogical to evolutionary and from cultural and political hierarchies to growth forms. Phytopia presents a number of works exhibited for the first time, with sculptural pieces by Derek Jarman and Paul de Monchaux and works by Rasheed Araeen alongside nineteenth century Nature Prints.

Participating artists: Rasheed Araeen, Alois Auer, Karl Blossfeldt, Henry Bradbury, Edward Chell, Peter Fillingham, Ori Gersht, Joy Girvin, Fay Godwin, David Heinrich Hoppe, Derek Jarman, Neeta Madahar & Melanie Rose, Paul de Monchaux, Rosa Nguyen, Pia Östlund, Alicia Paz, Siân Pile, Marc Quinn, Hilary Rosen, Suzanne Treister and Yu-Chen Wang.